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The first album recorded and released in the United States in August, 2022

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JazzTimes Magazine, USA
"Universal Ancestry album in "NEW JAZZ NOW"

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JAZZIZ Magazine, USA
"Universal Ancestry album in "NEW RELEASES"


"Universal Ancestry album in "NEW RELEASES"

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"Hanka's new album is a sophisticated mix of Slovak folk songs, classic jazz tunes, and a few crossover-oriented tracks, all held together by her impressive vocal skills."

Wulf Muller
legendary jazz A&R

“HANKA G has arrived; instantly making her mark as one of the most moving vocalists of these times.”

 Jim Hynes
 Making A Scene Magazine, USA

Making a Scene logo.png

“HANKA's accompaniment is lush and well produced and her style is adult contemporary jazz: sleek and refined.”

 C. Michael Bailey
 All About Jazz, USA

All About Jazz logo.png

“An innovative album for people fond of crossing cultures, mindscapes, ethnic and racial boundaries… a respectful survey of a wide range of African American music. It may strike some as unusual that it required someone born well outside the tradition to recognize the power and beauty of this work for what it is. Hanka G's uniquely international take on the music only further serves to emphasize that it is the content and meaning of the sentiments that matter and not some accident of birth that inform true art.”

Richard Salvucci
 All About Jazz, USA

All About Jazz logo.png

“Hanka G covers a wide width of sounds and cultures on this engaging album with a voice that fills a room. This lady will grab you by the throat!”

George Harris
JazzWeekly, USA

Jazz Weekly logo.png

“Hanka has lived in New York City since 2016, and she brings a multi-cultured approach to her craft, where the swinging moments versus the calm, soothing tones and sexy, romantic portions make for an unpredictable and unique listen.”

Tom Haugen
Take Effect, USA

Take Effect logo.png

“As incredible as it is on so many levels, Universal Ancestry would merely be a high level jazz/R&B project without the handful of Slovak folk songs (“Dance Dance,” “I’m Such a Pretty Girl”) she translates effortlessly into her current jazz context. When you listen to this breathtaking album, you’ll be more than grateful this bird started to sing!”

 Jonathan Widran
 JW Vibe, USA

TW Vibe logo.png

"A truly worshipful and soulful performance that is nothing short of heavenly...Hanka G is fearless in branching out and giving her all. A seasoned professional, Hanka G delivers an honest and passionate presentation of art. Kudos to everyone who worked on this project, it is special and must be heard. Universal Ancestry is definitely a must-have for 2022."

 Melvin Smith
 Mismwo-Music Blog, USA

Melvin Smith logo.png

“Here is a vocalist, greatly influenced by Chaka Khan, who manages to hold her own, flying like a beautiful, wild bird. I needed nothing more than to hear her amazing voice, powerfully sensitive. I look forward to hearing more from this talented and dynamic vocalist.”

Dee Dee McNeil

Musical Memoir Blog logo.png

“An album of unmitigated beauty and spirituality… Universal Ancestry is Hanka G’s declaration and description of the human condition. Her vocals give wing to her aims and emotions and, if you listen carefully, she will take you on the trip with her… a must-have album.”

Travis Rogers Jr.
The Jazz Owl, USA

The Jazz Owl logo.png

“A serious, dramatic kind of thrush, you can tell her roots run deep.  Solid jazz vocal with a nu edge.”

 Chris Spector
 Midwest Record, USA

Midwest record logo.png

“An extremely successful album by this new star in the sky.”

 Jan van Leersum
 Rootstime, Belgium

Rootstime logo.png

“Hanka G moves us with her gospel-filled, vibrant and powerful voice.”

Jose Ramon
La Habitacion del Jazz, Spain

“Fascinating and enthralling… an excellently performed musical offering that sounds as American as one might hope for.

She is convincing and heartfelt, a superb vocalist, with sensitivities that can only be envied by her peers.”


Adam Baruch
Jazz music critic, Israel

“The album proves that Hanka G is a talented singer who is not afraid of challenges and instead of following a safe path, she prefers to face difficult topics (social and musical) that confront her skills with jazz at the highest world level. The album also shows that the voice of HANKA G is a unique instrument with a magnetism that attracts the attention of Western audiences, offering them a pinch of European exoticism. the songfulness of Slavic words and the rhythmicity of their English counterparts.”

 Mateusz Kolodziej
 Slaska Opinia, Poland

“Hanka said this about the album, "I put together my latest project from the perspective of an immigrant living in the United States, who tries to unite people of different musical heritages. Regardless of our background, we all dream of love, happiness and freedom." With her multicultural sensibility, her spiritual attitude, her rich, warm tone, and her improvisational skills, she managed to achieve all of this.”

Péter Somogyvári, HUNGARY

“Universal Ancestry....a beautiful vocal jazz album. This album is her nod to, and celebration of the diverse cultures that she has encountered in that concrete jungle that is New York. Importantly, it pays respect to the diverse cultural ancestry that gets united by the music. Hanka's voice that transports you to that Mongolian desert and the hustle and bustle of New York makes it one heady listening experience for all the senses.”

Mamsie Ntshangase
EJazz Appreciation Society, South Africa

“A voice like a bell… not just in its richness, but also in its spiritual depth. One of the most talented jazz singers of the present times.

Jan Hocek, Czech Republic

“Hanka G performs three compositions in Slovak, masterfully turning Slovak folklore melodies into jazz… acquaintance with HANKA G will be of interest to many.”

 Leonid Auskern
 JazzQuad, BELARUS

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