"The woman's voice is worth
     gold in all positions"
                                             Andreas Schiffmann
for one of the most respected music portal in Germany, http://musikreviews.de


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    "Just took time to listen to your
“Twin Flame” CD. You have produced a beautiful product. I believe you have a brilliant career ahead of you. Glad to hear your music and sensitive lyrics."
                                             Reggie Workman, USA
                                                       American avant-garde jazz & hard bob double bassist, recognized for his                                                         work with both John Coltrane and Art Blakey

    "I loved listening to your CD “Twin Flame”, it's very soulful. You have a wonderful project and your singing is quite superb! Wishing tons of success."
     T.K. Blue, USA
 American jazz saxophonist, flutist, educator and musical
director of legendary pianist & composer Randy Weston. T.K.

    "This album has no ending, just beginning... The album was named after original composition “Twin Flames“. And the title is indeed eloquent. Both artists are in music something like karmic twin flames, representing one soul in two bodies connected in
so-called “Twin Flame“ that sets the balance between female and male principle..."
     Jan Hocek, Czech Republic
CD review (100% score for sound, cover, music, and courage) for the most prestigious and respected jazz portal in Czech Republic, http://jazzport.cz

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    "The second album “Essence” presents a beautiful tribute to Slovak Folklore and is a classic example of what Jazz-World Fusion is all about and how it can be achieved successfully. Both the World music and Jazz idioms are given respectful and graceful treatment and are mixed with elegance and charm. Hanka has a warm, well-rounded voice which works both in the Jazz and the Folklore environment. Her phrasing on the Jazzy interpretations is simply superb. Overall this is an aesthetically pleasing and musically successful cross-genre project, which manages to be original, while respectfully presenting traditional folkloristic heritage.."
     Adam Baruch, Israel
 one of the world's leading authorities in Jazz, a writer, critic, historian, researcher, teacher, broadcaster, discographer, photographer, concert and festival organizer, record producer, label owner, and a music activist. Adam founded the Israel Jazz Society (IJS) and was also active in establishing the European Jazz Federation (EJF), which later became the International Jazz Federation.