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“The best of the next generation”

Cassandra Wilson
Grammy-winning vocalist

“Hanka G has arrived; instantly making her mark as one of the most moving vocalists of these times.”

Jim Hynes
Making A Scene Magazine, USA


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The first album recorded and released in the United States

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UNIVERSAL ANCESTRY is the first album recorded and released in the United States by Slovak vocalist and lyricist HANKA G. She has previously released three albums in Europe. HANKA has lived in New York City since 2016 where she performs at all the local jazz hotspots. She produced UNIVERSAL ANCESTRY together with three stellar jazz musicians – JAMES HURT, SHEDRICK MITCHELL and RODNEY KENDRICK. HANKA is a soulful singer who stretches the boundaries of jazz with her multi-cultural sensibilities. Her rich, warm tone, improvisational chops, and unique ability to fuse jazz, gospel, R&B, and Slovak folk music has drawn the attention of some of the top names in jazz.


HANKA says, “My latest project was framed through the lens of an immigrant in the USA trying to unite people with different musical heritages. Regardless of our backgrounds, we all dream about love, happiness, and freedom.” HANKA’s love of jazz grew out of her exposure to the great black American jazz masters, and on UNIVERSAL ANCESTRY, she pays particular tribute to the African American women singers that have influenced her. Joined by a truly stellar group of New York-based musicians, UNIVERSAL ANCESTRY is an opportunity for jazz lovers across the country and the world to appreciate HANKA’s unique blend of musical styles that has captivated New York audiences.


The album also features Grammy-winning artists SHEDRICK MITCHELL (organ, piano), JAMES HURT (piano, Fender Rhodes), RODNEY KENDRICK (piano), DAVID GINYARD (electric bass), RASHAAN CARTER (electric and double bass), TARU ALEXANDER (drums), and NATHANIEL TOWNSLEY (drums), as well as MARVIN SEWELL (guitars), SHERROD BARNES (electric guitar), ANTOINE RONEY (tenor and soprano saxes), and background vocalists KEESHA GUMBS and TERELLE TIPTON. The album also features Slovak artists SISA MICHALIDESOVA (flute) and VERONIKA VITAZKOVA (fujara).


Born in Slovakia, HANKA spent her childhood years in the Mongolian desert with her parents, who were professors of geology. Prior to moving to the US, HANKA opened for Kurt Elling and toured with Rodney Kendrick’s trio in South Africa. When Cassandra Wilson was touring Europe, HANKA’S album Essence caught her attention, and she hired her as an opening act for her concert in Slovakia. The two became friends, and Wilson became HANKA’s mentor and invited her to come to the U.S.


During her most recent European tours, she performed with NEA Jazz Master bassist Reggie Workman, drummer Taru Alexander, and Grammy award-winning bassist Michael Bowie. HANKA has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Slovak lifetime achievement award in the jazz category in 2017, being the second female jazz artist ever to receive this honor in the 31 years of the award’s existence.

JazzTimes Magazine, USA
"Universal Ancestry album in "NEW JAZZ NOW"

JazzTimes logo.png

JAZZIZ Magazine, USA
"Universal Ancestry album in "NEW RELEASES"


"Universal Ancestry album in "NEW RELEASES"

Th Urban Music Scene logo.png

"Hanka's new album is a sophisticated mix of Slovak folk songs, classic jazz tunes, and a few crossover-oriented tracks, all held together by her impressive vocal skills."

Wulf Muller
legendary jazz A&R

“HANKA G has arrived; instantly making her mark as one of the most moving vocalists of these times.”

 Jim Hynes
 Making A Scene Magazine, USA

Making a Scene logo.png

“HANKA's accompaniment is lush and well produced and her style is adult contemporary jazz: sleek and refined.”

 C. Michael Bailey
 All About Jazz, USA

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“An innovative album for people fond of crossing cultures, mindscapes, ethnic and racial boundaries… a respectful survey of a wide range of African American music. It may strike some as unusual that it required someone born well outside the tradition to recognize the power and beauty of this work for what it is. Hanka G's uniquely international take on the music only further serves to emphasize that it is the content and meaning of the sentiments that matter and not some accident of birth that inform true art.”

Richard Salvucci
 All About Jazz, USA

All About Jazz logo.png

“Hanka G covers a wide width of sounds and cultures on this engaging album with a voice that fills a room. This lady will grab you by the throat!”

George Harris
JazzWeekly, USA

Jazz Weekly logo.png

“Hanka has lived in New York City since 2016, and she brings a multi-cultured approach to her craft, where the swinging moments versus the calm, soothing tones and sexy, romantic portions make for an unpredictable and unique listen.”

Tom Haugen
Take Effect, USA

Take Effect logo.png

“As incredible as it is on so many levels, Universal Ancestry would merely be a high level jazz/R&B project without the handful of Slovak folk songs (“Dance Dance,” “I’m Such a Pretty Girl”) she translates effortlessly into her current jazz context. When you listen to this breathtaking album, you’ll be more than grateful this bird started to sing!”

 Jonathan Widran
 JW Vibe, USA

TW Vibe logo.png

“An album of unmitigated beauty and spirituality… Universal Ancestry is Hanka G’s declaration and description of the human condition. Her vocals give wing to her aims and emotions and, if you listen carefully, she will take you on the trip with her… a must-have album.”

Travis Rogers Jr.
The Jazz Owl, USA

The Jazz Owl logo.png

“An extremely successful album by this new star in the sky.”

 Jan van Leersum
 Rootstime, Belgium

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“Hanka G moves us with her gospel-filled, vibrant and powerful voice.”

Jose Ramon
La Habitacion del Jazz, Spain



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