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Twin Flame album

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In December 2016, Hanka released her third solo album recorded in duo with pianist Ondrej Krajnak, who also worked on her previous two CDs. The album is called Twin Flame and pays tribute to celebrated jazz pianists. Hanka decided to work with selected instrumental tunes written by well-known jazz pianists, vocalized them and wrote her own lyrics. (Ernest Oláh, Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner, Thelonious Monk, Ondrej Krajnak and Mal Waldron).

At the same time, this album represents the pinnacle of cooperation with one of the Europe best composers-pianists, Ondrej Krajnak originally from Slovakia. The album was named after his original composition Twin Flames. This name captures the essence of both artists whose music is something like karmic twin flames, representing one soul in two bodies, the exquisite balance between a female and male principle. Twin Flame has been nominated for “The Best Jazz Record of the Year“ in “Radio_Head Awards 2017“ in Slovakia.
“This album has no ending, just beginning... The album was named after original composition “Twin Flames“. And the title is indeed eloquent. Both artists are in music something like karmic twin flames, representing one soul in two bodies connected in so called “Twin Flame“ that sets balance between female and male principle...“ Jan Hocek, CD review (100% score for sound, cover, music and courage) for the most prestigious and respected jazz portal in Czech Republic
"I loved listening to your CD Twin Flame, it's very soulful. You have a wonderful project, and your singing is quite superb! Wishing tons of success." T. K. Blue, American jazz saxophonist, flautist, educator and musical director of legendary pianist & composer Randy Weston. T.K. is known for his cooperation with Don Cherry, Abdullah Ibrahim and Jayne Cortez.
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