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Profile Pictures by Valentina Nidelova

Special Photoshoot – “With Love To Our Ancestors” – all photos Valentina Nidelova

With great musicians & personalities

Performing in the USA

Recording CD “Twin Flame” with Ondrej Krajnak in Svarov, Czech Republic, July 2016

Photos by Valentina Nidelova

Award ceremenony – CD “Twin Flame” nominated for “The Best Jazz Album Of The Year 2016

Various from concerts

Recording of CD “Essence“ in Svárov Studio, Czech Republic, January, 2014

Concert and Release party for CD “Essence“ in Kasárne-Kulturparku in Košice, Slovakia, 7th of August, 2014

Bratislava Jazz Days Festival, Hanka Gregušová jazz band – “Essence“ project, 23rd of Oktober, 2014

Concert in Smalls Jazz Club New York – Eric Wyatt quartet featuring Hanka Gregušová, 23rd of August, 2014

Recording of song “Infant Eyes“ – Tribute to Wayne Shorter, Slovakia, October, 2014

Zinc Bar Club New York – August, 2013

“Collectivity“ Tour – Štefan Pišta Bartuš jazz band, June, 2012