14.12.2016 – Hanka is releasing her new solo album “Twin Flame” with Ondrej Krajňák

In December 2016, Hanka released her third solo album recorded in duo with pianist Ondrej Krajňák, who also worked on her previous two CDs. The album is called “Twin Flame” and pays tribute to celebrated jazz pianists. Hanka decided to work with selected instrumental tunes written by well-known jazz pianists, vocalized them and wrote her own lyrics. (Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Ernest Oláh – famous gipsy Slovak pianist, Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner, Thelonious Monk, Ondrej Krajňák and Mal Waldron). At the same time, this album represents the pinnacle of cooperation with one of the Europe best composers-pianists, Ondrej Krajňák originally from Slovakia. The album was named after his original composition “Twin Flames”. This name captures the essence of both artists whose music is something like karmic twin flames, representing one soul in two bodies, the exquisite balance between a female and male principle.

Hymn To Freedom – Oscar Peterson/Hanka G – written and recorded in memory of M. L. King and support of all African-American people and their fight for equal rights.

August, 2016 – Signing artist representation with OJAH MEDIA GROUP and relocating to New York

Hanka has been recently signed by OJAH MEDIA GROUP, a label that represents a variety of well-established jazz artists. The agency represents artists such as Cassandra Wilson, the two-time Grammy award winner and the best American jazz singer according to TIME magazine. Thanks to Ms. Cassandra Wilson and representation by OJAH MEDIA GROUP, Hanka decided to pursue her career in the U.S.A. and moved to New York in August, 2016 where she currently lives.

23.7.2015 The world best jazz albums of 2014 by UK Vibe

Very happy my CD Essence has been selected among world jazz records for review of the The best jazz album by UK Vibe.

June – July 2015, Revisiting U.S.A. – NY & Philly

Back at home in Slovakia! Thanks very much to all wonderful musicians who has shared stage with me in NY and hang out at jazz clubs!!
Marc Cary, Anthony Wonsey, Tyler Mitchell, Aaron D. James, Quincy Phillips, Charles Turner, Amani Fela, Russell Carter, Kwame Geez, Essiet Okon Essiet, Solomon Hicks, Karel Ruzicka Jr., Chris Hemingway, Benito Gonzalez, Marcus McLaurine and many more…

I’ll be back and look forward to new amazing jazz experience…!!

25.5.2015 Pod Lampou TV

Music guest: Hana Gregušová, Nikolaj Nikitin, Gabriel Jonáš

“Infant Eyes”

Let me introduce you a very special tribute to one of the great saxophone players – Wayne Shorter and his tune “Infant Eyes” dedicated to his daughter when she was about six – who’s documentary “Zero Gravity” will be released soon. We made it as a lullaby…

I decided to include my own pictures from childhood when I was about that age…and grew up in Mongolia.

Enjoy at this special day – with love and light

Hanka G – vocal
Eric Wyatt – sax
Juraj Griglak – double bass
Peter Preložník – piano

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